App Developer UK – We operate with businesses in and around Milton Keynes, London ,  Northampton, Oxford and Cambridge, delivering a wide range of business Apps to our clients.

The mobile application market is growing extensively and is forecast to have a value of £142.5 billion by 2020. Let us help you take your app  ideas further and develop your business app with our expert app development team.

Leading UK app developers

We have assembled some very clever designers and developers with over 10 years digital experience to develop your business apps. We guide you through the app process delivering a great product at a great price.

App Development platforms

We produce simple but effective native iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10, Windows 8 & iPad apps to go into the their respective app stores on each platform we can include your company services , location map, news & Twitter(rss) feeds, Qr Codes and much more.

App Stores

Once your have tested your app, we are happy to guide you through the process of submitting to the app stores, ready to download in over 155 countries. Your app , with great functionality and design delivered by our expert team.

ui-designApp Development.

App Development Milton Keynes and London

Our App development team have over 10 years experience in digital disciplines and are experts the following

  • Tailoring your mobile app specification.
  • Wire frame and prototyping for your app.
  • App interface design from your ideas.
  • Native app build and code with our expert programmers.
  • App testing  and store submission with great support.

from taking your specification and giving you a quote, to consulting  on what is needed to develop your app taking you through the process  in a simple and easy to understand way. Recently we were voted one of the top 100 startups in the UK but we have been working on app development since 2008 . We are part of media-i and wedoapps working with FTSE 100 companies, SME’s and entrepreneurs  developing  their apps and mobile strategies.

App development

IOS App development for the enterprise and small businesses

App development on the Apple platform is one of the most requested  we get. Apple have built a great platform for the enterprise small businesses and start ups to allow you to control every aspect of your own apps from developing them to selling and getting the latest features built into your apps.

One of the best features for any Enterprise are the security features built into the platform, from encryption features on both hardware and software to the the ability to manage users , their logins , what they are using and remote management features  if your device is lost.


Android app development

We have two dedicated Android app teams working on your ideas, we are often asked to deliver apps for tablets, and phones on Android, a great platform with its own store, a lot of our business customers appreciate the low entry cost to developing apps.  Not only is the software cost effective to develop for  but the costs of hardware makes it an ideal choice for enterprises looking to reduce costs and deliver first class enterprise applications.

We can help your source the right hardware and then develop your app to your specification on each Android device , we are good at helping you get the most from your app.

renesas App Development.

Mobile App Design UI experts ready

At the heart of our design team are some great experts in interface design. Once we have your specification we can run through a series of wireframes to help you visualise your app, and then start to paint in the graphics, so your app starts to look and feel like an award wining app. We like to work with you on making sure changes not only work and function right but the look is what you want. We have a great team of designers waiting to develop your app today.

App development

Touch screens for conferences and retail .

Ever wondered if you could have a larger screen and have your app designed for this screen, well with our bespoke technology we can develop for much larger screens than you will find with ipad and Android tablets. We have recently completed a touch screen project for the open University to show off their space program using 3D models and extensive video and graphic routines. Our expertise allows you to have  large interactive touch screens running at your conference.

Large Touch screens are ideal for.

Conferences, Retail Space,Estate Agents, Welcome areas in buildings, Estate agents and many more, size can be scaled upto 100 inches where you can touch and interact with content like you have not seen before.

App development

Small businesses can have their own app

We have introduced a self manged app program that allows all small businesses the opportunity to have their own app and features,such as location, information and pdf brochures on a mobile web app with the use of our own web developers, these apps can be run on all platforms and can also be turned into native apps if you feel you want to benefit from the mobile app stores. Its a great cost effective way to get started for a one of fee, and allows your customers to engage and contact you wherever they go.

App development

Google Glass devlopment

We now have introduced a team of google glass developers, they are experts in the latest technologies that help utilise the latest technology and leverage creative possibilities you could only imagine before.


App Development

TV App Development

TV Apps can be a great way to feature your business app  or to develop a part of the application for tv to enhance your app in the app store, alot of businesses do not consider consider TV as a viable delivery platform to their customers, This is changing in 2014 with a lot more businesses showing interest in our TV app solution. We have a dedicated team working on different TV projects , from the open University to the BBC.  From bussiness large and small , individuals and entrepreneurs.


Your company can now hire us as consultants to work on your enterprise apps, You can utilise our expertise over 15 years in backend web services,  5 years mobile development and security all wrapped up into your app.

  • We offer database backend services , scalable , secure and cloud or company based.
  •  Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry native apps developed.
  • Small businesses can also benefit from our expertise in mobile development.
  • A great team of app developers at an affordable price.

4. Amazing Support

Our team will support any questions, we like to talk and chat and can do this over skype or we can come to you.

5. Upload to your website or appstore

Once complete we can assist on hosting the app on your server or upload to the app stores.

6. Analytics

We also build in analytics, and recommend tools to monitor your app, what they are looking at and how many downloads.

1. Where to start as a business

Send us a specification, we will help you shape it and come back to you with any questions. Get an App quote

2. Detailed Protoype Design

Our team produce wireframes and start to design from your specifications, showing navigation, functions and content.

3. Code

We like to code each element and send out tests for your devices, we do this over the air on an enterprise account.


and so our clients benefit from our 16 years experience and approach


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