iBeacons – iBeacon app solutions for retail business

At wedoApps we have a great history in developing ideas and  providing  new technologies for business. We have worked with our partners to offer a great ibeacons solution for the retail, business and leisure industries. Some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis is "What are ibeacons" and "How do they work"? We have a 2 part series  to help explain this in the first part of our ibeacon month on the blog. Can iBeacon’s Transform Proximity Marketing? Marketing

Integrating Apps Into Healthcare

Health Apps And Breaking Down The Barriers Log onto the Apple app store, the Google Play store or any of the other app marketplaces and you will see a substantial number of apps under the ’health and fitness section’. However these numbers can be deceiving because even though there is a vast array of health apps available the majority of apps are not widely used. Around 50% of the health apps currently available have less than 500 downloads and 5 apps account

Launch of our new facebook business page

We have finally decided to add facebook to our business, we have always been careful not to over publish everything and facebook has some useful tools today to help promote our business and help us gain some valuable feedback from our customers . As we update our systems and deliver new business apps , are intention is to publish screen shots and write a little bit more about the work we love to do we hope to carry on with

App – Routine Break

wedoApps, have just completed a little marketing app for the upSkills people. Routine break has been developed for iphone and Android phones, and allows workers to set alarms as a reminder to take a break. Each alarm is followed by a set of exercises to go through to help you at your desk, avoid any strains and most importantlu to take a break from the screen.. something we should all do more often. Great little app concept and delivered beautifully