HELLO. We love to work with your data

We work with various businesses developing their own app ideas. The type of apps we develop are all database driven and allow business to either save money or operate in a more efficient way. We also have a strong small business app development team who allow small businesses to have an app developed at the right price with the right functionality. Have a small business team means entrepreneurs with app ideas can be catered for, and can borrow on our experiences with large corporations and their own app projects.

We have included below some of our latest app projects but not everything, we work alot on the design as well as the development of all our apps and this often leads to  better ways to display your information and interact with it. Enjoy and if you would like to discuss your own app ideas get in touch ideas@wedoapps.co.uk

  • UKAS iphone and Blackberry App

    Developed for the iphone and blackberry  phone system, this application allows you to search for UKAS accredited organisations such as testing and calibration laboratories, inspection and certification bodies by name or distance. The development took 4 weeks to develop and

  • Renesas Android and iphone app

    The Renesas MCU product selector app allows you to conveniently search & share a wide range of microcontroller products from Renesas. The MCU selector offers a wide range of parametric search options from basic search entry to far more advanced

  • Video Gallery

    App development - video screens for app development work by us