Our iBeacon cloud solution

We offer tailored services as follows.

Retail solutions to test in your store

We have a start-up offering that gives you a taster of what our system can do .Buy a trial package that consists of the iBeacon software integration into your own app and a documented backend and we will come in and setup up the system for you , and show you how to use the backend so you can  build up stats on each customer interacting with your offers. Design a fun social media campaign and measure the results, or bring up and play a video on a new range of goods as they walk up to your stand . What ever your business needs to up sell and achieve more sales, we can help with this flexible solution.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABenefits of having your own iBeacon team

We have over 20 years experience in Software development and can work with your team of designers and developers to help you integrate iBeacon technology into both ios and Android apps. If it is integrating into and existing app or starting something new our team can lead the way into developing something special, easy to use and feature rich.

Some of the Key Benefits can be seen below of what you will receive.

Trial Packages

With our a trial package you can test our approach, we will come in and setup an account for you and help with your iBeacon placements to get the most out of the system. It will take a few hours and some training on the backend to get you started.

Integrate into your app

We can integrate iBeacon technology right into your existing app, it will work seamlessly with all your other functions inside your app available on both Android and ios phones.

iBeacon Training

We have a simple to use cloud based back end to control what gets displayed, part of your trail package includes a 1 day training course on the system, from setting up the beacons to using triggers and actions .


Our own beacons are built in Europe to european standards, they are secure and have security features built in, we can order these beacons for you even if you do not take our own solution.


Our iBeacon team have a wealth of knowledge, we offer a comprehensive support package for all our clients and their individual solutions.

We offer the ability to process much more that just notifications.

Our cloud based solution offers the following opportunities to the digital marketer. Each action is delivered when you want and assigned to different beacons, we can deliver once so each action or chained actions deliver a complete unique experience.


our solution is very easy to use , we can integrate into your existing app or build something new.

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