iBeacon Development

wedoApps “the little app company with Big ideas

icon_features-iconwedoApps integrate iBeacon’s right into your existing app , a new app designed by us or simply a new idea we have a great cloud backend solution , that you can decide what to trigger and display at any time of the day. Retailers are accelerating their Marketing efforts to appeal to customers, but time consuming and expensive measures can go in vain if the right customer isn’t targeted.

A iBeacon device sends signals to smartphones by interacting with an installed app , Our solution enables retailers and businesses to extend tailored messages when their customers are in the store or approaching the building..

ibeacon retailOur solution puts the retailer in control whats pushed to the phone and when to send that message , this can be tailored to entering a building or exiting from walking up to a product. Our 5 generation messaging system for mobiles target your customers when and where you want.

Here’s how it works

A person standing in a particular aisle of the store or in a certain location will receive promotional offers relevant to the items displayed in that particular area. In fact, the integration of iBeacon technology and big data analytics can help a retailer extend more effective deals based on a consumer’s past searches, purchases, and even social media ‘likes’.

Our iBeacon solutions

We specialise in these current areas of iBeacon development

  • Vending machines.
  • Garage forecourt retailing .
  • Retail Experiences.
  • Education. (School trip safety)
  • Events.
  • Museums.

Guide and orient your customers in their decision-making

If they haven’t visited a retail area … encourage them with an offer.


2. Events

The brand-customer relationship is full of emotions!

If you buy a drink at the start , offer a discount before half time there won’t be any lines and it will be cheaper, or offer a complimentary item with every one who fills in your questionnaire.

3. Museums

A full companion and guide, at each visitor’s own pace

It looks like she loves Impressionism. She’ll love your interactive features.

4. Garage Forecourts

Drive up to a garage and offer a retail voucher before they enter

With our garage forecourt app you can supply essential tired drivers a coupon for a free coffee with every petrol fill up over a certain amount purchased. Or perhaps that car wash token with every coffee purchased.