Biz Skills iPhone application

The BizSkills app has been developed for the iphone with a backend that allows for the updating and loading of questions. Learn from professional questions set by business people, then test your skills with multiple choice questions in 7 business categories, challenging,fun and addictive learning.


  • Your personal dashboard tells you how well you are doing in each of the 7 specialised categories.
  • Each test consists of 7 questions, 1 question per category
  • New question updates every 3 months.
  • Learn from your wrong questions, use the online reference to YouTube, Wikipedia and Google.
  • Quick question and answer selection.
  • Email your stats to your tutor or colleague, or tweat your results on twitter.
  • Set your own alert reminders, take your tests when you want.
  • Multiple Choice questions make it ideal to learn fast.
  • Improve your business knowledge with in App updates direct to your iphone.